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Moonpod is the best alternative for your current beanbag. This is a zero gravity chair best for getting relieve from stress and anxiety. It is filled with custom created high friction beads which are wrapped by supportive shells and mimics the sensations of floatation therapy & this has been known to help decrease stress and anxiety levels. It also has dual shell membrane that offers a soft and stretchy and also has supportive structure engineered to respond to every body’s shape and movement. Because of its support & adaptive flexibility, it can help relieve back and neck pain when you are taking rest.

It also comes with sleek profile, it is amazingly simple to move anywhere and store anywhere in your home, as it has only 12lbs of weight and taking up only 4 square feet of your space. Its outer shell is a unique mixture of materials that holds its shape, plus it is also machine washable. They also Crescent, it is a zero gravity backrest & they created this to boost their customers experience when they are using it on Moonpod and can elevate their relaxation when using it anywhere else in their home. Get Moonpod now, as the best alternative for your beanbag.

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