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Are you annoyed of mowing, watering, fertilizing & working every season long to stay ahead of weeds and crabgrass? Then this is the time you should try the amazing grass Zoysia. After you have planted their Amazoy Zoysia grass in a new and existing lawn, you will get benefited by a lawn which is green and low maintenance. They have wide range of products such as Zoysia Plugs, Zoysia Sod, Zoysia Seed. They have various products categories such as Combination packs, Gardening, Lawn & Plant Food, Outdoor Games and Weed Killers etc. Zoysia is a basically hardy grass which grows good in a various conditions and needs less watering and mowing than other grasses.

This hard grass also makes a thick, soft, carpet which feels amazing even without wearing footwear. Zoysia is best because it grows in a different way than other grasses. it sends out runners or stolons, increasing sideways more than it grow tall. The reasons you should choose Zoysia for your lawn are that it cuts water bills, decreases mowing by 2/3, it grows in heat and cold, never needs replacements even it heals itself, blocks crabgrass and weeds all summer long, no more chemicals. it is the answer for slopes, plays and areas & bare spots. All order for Amazoy Zoysia Plugs is guaranteed, plugs guaranteed to grow new shoots in 45-60 days if it not grows, then they will exchange them for free- for up to one year.